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Friday, July 7, 2017

Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Energy Boost: Apple cider vinegar contains potassium and enzymes to help banish fatigue. Plus, its amino acids may help prevent the buildup of lactic acid in your body, further preventing fatigue.

Vitamins and minerals in your food: "When your stomach isn't producing enough acid, this impairs the absorption of nutrients as well as B6, folate, calcium, and iron," Dr. Kellman explains. Help your body by ingesting a bit more acid in the form of vinegar, and you'll actually be able to use all the good stuff you consumed by ordering the side salad instead of fries.

Lower your blood pressure: Animal studies suggest that drinking vinegar can lower your blood pressure by a few points. Researchers don't understand exactly how this works or whether it is equally effective among humans, but Johnston is pretty confident it can make at least a modest difference.
Constipation:  soluble Apple cider aids the body in promoting bowel movement. This action is due to pectin, a water- fiber that adds bulk to stools and therefore promotes bowel movement. For an effective treatment of constipation, add 2 tablespoons of apple cider into a glass of water, and drink this mixture three times a day. Mix with apple juice or grape juice to make it more palatable.

Age spots: Blend and drain an onion in a bowl, and mix with an equal amount of apple cider. Apply with a cotton swab dipped in the mixture over the spots. Or, drink a mixture of a few drops of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and add honey as sweetener. 

Weight loss: This cider has been used in traditionally as a weight loss agent and studies have proven that indeed, it does! A study conducted in 2006 obese Japanese reported a modest decrease in weight and decrease in appetite with intake of 30 ml of apple cider vinegar leading to the conclusion that it might reduce obesity.

Kills bad breath: You might have heard that the antibacterial properties of vinegar can kill microorganisms responsible for bad breath — and in theory, this is true. However, Johnston warns, "it's no more effective than any other antibacterial agents, and there are better products designed for this purpose."

Acne: Apple cider kills bacteria, helps balance skin pH, and absorbs excessive oil from our skin. Use one part vinegar in 3-4 parts water. Apply to the skin using cotton swab and leave for ten minutes then rinse. Use three times a day.  For severe cases of acne, leave on the skin overnight.

Diabetes: The most studied of the many uses of apple cider vinegar. Studies have reported apple cider vinegar to decrease blood glucose levels in patients with type 2 diabetes. One study in 2004 reported apple cider to have similar activity as metformin or acarbose, both antidiabetic drugs.

Fruit and Veggie Wash: Vinegar is one of the best natural agents for removing certain pesticides and bacteria from your fresh produce. Try a solution of 10 percent vinegar to 90 percent water as a bath to briefly soak produce. Just place your veggies or fruit in the solution, swish them around, and rinse thoroughly (don't use this process on fragile fruits like berries since they could be damaged in the process or soak up too much vinegar through their porous skins).

Friday, June 30, 2017

How to reduce Double Chin

double chin is one of the most common physical signs of aging. It can also be a result of several other factors, including genetics and an unhealthy diet that is high in fat and calories. A double chin occurs as a result of loose skin and extra fat deposits.

Chin Exercises
There are several chin exercises that you can do if you wish to get rid of your double chin. For the first exercise, begin by opening your mouth wide. Next, move your lower jaw in a downward and outward direction as though you are trying to “scoop” something with your lower jaw. You will know that you are doing this exercise right when you feel your lower teeth touch the top of your upper lip. Repeat the exercise as much as 15 times and do it several times throughout the day. 
 The Chin Lift
The chin lift stretches and tones the muscles of the jaw, neck and throat. To perform the chin lift, follow these simple steps:

  • Stand or sit with your spine erect.
  • Tilt your head back until you are looking toward the ceiling
  • Pucker your lips tightly, as if you wanted to kiss the ceiling.
·         Try not to engage any other facial muscles while doing this exercise; just use your lips. Hold your lips in a puckered position for a five-count, then release. Repeat the exercise 5 to 10 times in a row.

Tongue on Teeth

  • While keeping a straight back, open your mouth as wide as possible.
  • Place the tip of your tongue against the backside of your bottom row of teeth.
  • Inhale through your mouth, and exhale while making an “ahh” sound.
  • Continue this for one minute
  • Relax the mouth and tongue.
  • Repeat this once more.
The Neck Roll
The neck roll not only tones and stretches the muscles of your jaw, throat and neck, but also releases tension from your shoulders and can ease neck and shoulder pain.

  • Stand or sit with an erect spine.
  • While inhaling, gently turn your head to one side until your chin touches your shoulder. You should be looking to one side.

Low Caloric Intake

If you wish to get rid of your double chin, you’re going to have to make certain changes in your diet as well. If you regularly eat junk foods, fast food and other foods that are packed with fat and calories, then you are going to have to eliminate these from your diet – or at the very least, cut back. Research suggests that consuming more calories than your body requires speeds up the aging process. It is also believed that cutting back on your caloric intake not only helps you get rid of your double chin, but also helps you lose fat in other areas of your face.


Standing or sitting with your back upright, rotate your head slowly with your chin leading the way. Drive your chin to turn from one shoulder to another via the chest. Complete a set of 10 in each direction.


Green tea contains potent antioxidants and various components that speed up your metabolism rate. This will help you burn extra calories and lose weight.

Start your day with a cup of green tea and drink several cups throughout the day. Green tea is available in different flavors, so you can choose one that suits your taste.
Move your jaws up and down like you are chewing and keeping your lips together. Inhale deeply and exhale slowly. Open your mouth as wide as possible with the tip of your tongue pressed against your lower teeth. Holding this position, inhale then exhale with a `sigh' sound . The entire move should take 90 seconds.


Thursday, June 29, 2017

How to remove dark spots from your skin

Unfortunately, all of us have unwanted spots we wish weren't there. There are many types of skin conditions that lead to unbalanced pigmentation, dark clusters, or blemishes. This page highlights three ways to remove these spots from your skin.

use lemon juice. It's possible to do a lot more with lemon juice than make drinks. You can use it to sanitize a counter top, brighten white loads of laundry, and, believe it or not, you can even use it to treat freckles

Take some fresh-squeezed lemon juice and apply it onto a cotton ball. After weeks of diligence, your freckles should start to fade.

Apply sour cream or buttermilk. The lactic acids present in sour milk can help a lot to get rid of unwanted freckles. Take some sour cream, directly apply it on the affected skin area, and allow it to dry for 10 minutes. Instead of rinsing it off completely with water, you must gently wipe it off with a soft tissue or a towel. Lastly, apply some moisturizer


Try aloe vera and Vitamin E. There are a bunch of home remedies out there that claim they can get rid of spots. They may be able to, but it'll take a long time and the results certainly won't be magical. That being said, there's no harm in trying.

·         Aloe vera gel can bleach the skin to even out skin tone and it has amazing healing abilities. You can get Aloe Vera gel products from the market if you think it’s a hassle to extract it yourself, but taking the effort to extract fresh gel from Aloe Vera leaves is totally worth it. You may want to add castor oil with fresh aloe vera gel to make it more effective. Apply the gel on skin, leave it to dry and wash it off.

·         UV rays cause our body to produce free radicals. They cause a chain reaction which keeps on damaging our skin and it often gets out of control. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that neutralizes these free radicals to protect and repair our skin. Break Vitamin E capsules to get access to the powder inside it. Dab it on sunspots with the help of a cotton dab


Wash your face twice a day. As you wander about the world, grease, grime, and dirt build up on your face, leading to breakouts. Cigarette smoke, air pollution, and just general living can wreak havoc on your complexion. Spending 5 minutes washing your face twice a day is an easy way to beat these everyday culprits

.Washing it more won't help, however; that'll just dry out your face (which could lead to breakouts, too). Wash your face in the morning and before bed with a clean washcloth, warm water, and a mild cleanser

Salicylic acid is an option that will make your skin shed faster. By getting rid of dead skin cells, your pores don't have the ability to build up bacteria and create blockages. It doesn't affect sebum production, but it prevents accumulation on your face. If you have sensitive skin, you may want to avoid product. And definitely don't put it on any open wounds or sores.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

How to get Smooth Hair

Use cold water when you wash your hair

It might be hard to wash your hair in ice-cold water, but if you want silky, smooth hair, make it as chilly as you can take. Cold water helps the hair shaft lie flat, so when it dries it has a smooth, shiny appearance. Hot water has the opposite effect, creating frizz and drying out your hair.

Wash with sulfate-free shampoo

Sulfates are found in many cleansers, including dishwashing detergent, laundry detergent, and more. Sulfates are effective and washing away oil and grease, but using this ingredient on your hair can be too harsh and damaging. Look for sulfate-free shampoo that will cleanse your hair without stripping away its protective oils.

Use a moisturizing conditioner

Conditioner helps hair stay smooth and silky by moisturizing it and keeping it tangle-free. Look for a conditioner that will keep your hair smooth without weighing it down. Silicone-free conditioner is best, since silicones build up in your hair and cause it to look dull after awhile.

Use anti-frizz serum

 This product is sold in drugstores and is an effective way to keep frizz at bay if your hair tends to be dry and coarse. Smooth some in after taking a shower, or apply it while your hair is dry if it frizzes up during the day.

Try argan oil

 This oil is made from a tree that grows in Morocco. It has been found to have restorative properties that help hair stay smooth, strong and healthy. It’s so lightweight that you can apply it to your hair as a leave-in conditioner. Just smooth a little into your hair, focusing on the tips, while your hair is still damp after shampooing.

Do a coconut oil treatment

Once a week, try this treatment to get soft, smooth, shiny hair. Take a tablespoon or so of coconut oil and comb it into your hair from the roots to the tips, making sure every strand is covered. Cover your hair with a shower cap or a piece of plastic wrap and let the oil sit in your hair for an hour or overnight. Shampoo your hair two or three times to rinse out all of the oil. When your hair dries, you’ll be impressed with the results.

Do an egg white hair mask

 This makes a great stand-in for conditioner, and will instantly create a softer, shinier look. Separate two eggs and whisk the whites in a bowl. In the shower, wet your hair and apply the egg whites, making sure to comb it through from the roots to the tips. Let it sit while you do everything else you need to do in the shower, then shampoo your hair to rinse it out.

Beer mask
Beer works as an excellent hair tonic. The proteins (hops and malt) in beer help repair damaged hair cuticles and provide nourishment to hair follicles. This in turn adds luster and shine to your hair.

  1. Wash your hair with shampoo and then apply flat beer from the root to the ends.
  2. Massage the beer thoroughly into your scalp using circular motions.
  3. Allow it to sit for about five minutes and then rinse it off.
  4. Follow this remedy once every two weeks.

Monday, May 26, 2014

10 Tips to keep away your Wrinkles

  1. Keep your body and skin hydrated with enough water and fruit juice. Remember, water and fruit juice have sufficient nutrients to keep your skin nourishing.
  2. Gently cleanse your skin and apply the juice of a cucumber all over your face. Within a few applications, you will see wrinkles, and dark circles visibly reducing.
  3. Cut a grape in half and generously apply the pulp on the face, targeting all those fine lines and crow’s feet. Leave the juice on for as long as you can and wash off. A few re-runs over the next few weeks and your skin will be supple and wrinkle free.
  4. Apply warm coconut oil on your skin. Coconut oil will make your skin firm and lift your face.
  5. Whether you intake honey or apply it externally, it works wonder. Take honey and lemon juice in an equal amount and mix them well. Apply it on your face. This will make your facial skin tight and wrinkle-free. This will also remove the tanning.
  6. Else, wash your face with warm water and apply honey on your face. Rub gently, and leave it for 10-15 minutes. Then, after washing your face with warm water, rub an ice cube.
  7. Massage with vitamin E oil on the face on a daily basis can remove wrinkles, fine lines and crow’s feet.
  8. Mix a pinch of grated ginger with a tablespoon of honey. Eat this mixture every morning.
  9. Stress is very harmful, and of course can lead to the emergence of wrinkles. Avoid stress wrinkles on your face that does not appear or can be eliminated.
  10. Exercise daily, make a routine of exercising your hands and facial muscles. Exercise maintains the blood flow in the in your hands and face which keeps wrinkles off.