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Monday, May 23, 2011

The Oxygen Facial

oxygen facial ( Skin Treatment )

The Oxygen Facial is a step by step process that begins with cleansing procedure so that skin is well-prepared for the treatment.  
The first step is introducing a small ‘shot’ of glucose, magnesium and potassium to skin surface which helps to activate the oxygen absorption process. 
Then mask is placed on the face and through a diffuser, pure hydrated oxygen is pumped and the person is now allowed to breathe the aroma-oxygen blend. 
After the mask is removed, a cleanser is applied to the face and neck which contains anti-aging minerals and vitamins including Vitamin E and CoQ10 which helps in removing dead skin cells and provides deep exfoliation and enriching the skin with moisture and emollients. A mix of oxygen-infused ingredients is then applied to the skin along with an antioxidant-rich serum to speed up cell regeneration and encourage healing.  Then emollient-rich cream is applied to the face to tighten the skin and infuse it with even more moisture to deliver another blast of aroma-oxygen onto the treatment area.

Laser hair removal

Unwanted hair is a common problem in both men and women. Waxing and shaving etc are only the temporary solution to removing of the unwanted hair. Laser hair removal is procedure involving the removal of unwanted body hair permanently.
Laser hair removal treatment technique can be used for permanent removal or to treat small or large areas of unwanted hair from the body surface.
Laser hair removal works by passing a beam of light through the skin. The wavelength of the beam used for the treatment is in the range of 670-890 nanometers. The treatment includes wearing protective eyewear. Usually for the best results, more than one sitting is required as the hair is best removed when it is in active growth phase. 

It targets the hair follicle (from where the hair grows), which eventually gets destroyed instantly due to the intense hot beam. Laser treatment for hair removal can be used eventually on all parts of the body including
• Face
• Legs
• Bikini area
• Back
• Pubic area.

Laser hair removal methods are perhaps the best getting rid of the unwanted hair permanently. Some of the advantages associated with it are:

• Laser hair removal techniques are not painful as compared to waxing and tweezing. Users have compared the process as mild tingling sensation.
• Unlike other contemporary methods of hair removal, laser hair removal is less time consuming. However the hair removing process depends upon the area of the body part used for removal. 
• Laser hair removal has few side effects like irritation etc., as compared to waxing or other similar procedures.
• The effects of laser hair removal are long lasting as compared to shaving, waxing, etc. which have to be repeated every week.
• Laser hair removal treatment does not require any medications, treatments or followups. The user does not require going to the hospital either.

Disadvantages involved with laser hair removal are:

• Laser hair removal treatment is very expensive.
• It is not beneficial for red, blonde or gray hair.
• It must be very cautiously removed on darker skin tones or on consumers who tan themselves.
• Laser hair removal is not perfect in case of consumers who are suffering from diabetes, skin disorders or infection disorders.

• The effects of laser hair removal are long lasting as compared to shaving, waxing, etc. which have to be repeated every week.
• Laser hair removal treatment does not require any medications, treatments or follow ups. The user does not require going to the hospital either.
Disadvantages involved with laser hair removal are:
• Laser hair removal treatment is very expensive.
• It is not beneficial for red, blonde or gray hair.
• It must be very cautiously removed on darker skin tones or on consumers who tan themselves.
• Laser hair removal is not perfect in case of consumers who are suffering from diabetes, skin disorders or infection disorders.


Rhinoplasty also known as nose surgery is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures. It is the medical procedure that reshapes the nose for cosmetic or reconstructive purposes. During rhinoplasty, it is possible to reduce the size of the nose, straighten it or change the angle between the nose and the upper lip. It is also done to correct the injury or birth defect or to improve the breathing problems.

Rhinoplasty surgery is performed by making the incision inside the nostrils. It can be performed by two techniques- open technique or the closed technique. However, after the procedure of open technique, the patients will a have a small permanent scar around the columella, which is the cartilage that separates both nostrils. The procedure with closed technique takes less time than the procedure with open technique.

Rhinoplasty may carry the risk of bleeding, infection and reaction to the medications or the anesthesia. However the risk specific to the nose surgery include burst blood vessels that can lead to red spots and small scars on the underside of the nose.
Therefore, care should be taken that the procedure is performed only by an experienced surgeon.

Lip exercises to get curvy and pink lips

Tips for flawless complexion

Hands must always be clean since the chance of penetration of bacteria from hands to face is more likely. Cleansing of skin is the key to skin care. Use a good cleanser first start near the hairline, and then apply it in the face, lip and neck. Then give a gentle massage with fingers. Leave it undisturbed for 2 minutes, after which you can use a cotton ball and gently take it off, this will remove the dirt and cosmetics already present in face. At last wash the face with a good face wash that suits your skin. These steps will help you keep the skin clean.   

Tips for flawless complexion:
Skin consists of melanin protein which causes pigmentation and its care includes cleansing, moisturizing, toning. Eat fresh vegetables and dry fruits like almond, walnut, apricot and pista for skin care.
Maintain a healthy balanced diet and adequate sleep in order to keep a youthful and beautiful tone for life long.
• Take milk every morning to maintain beauty.
• Almonds are natural moisturizers since they contain high dosage of vitamin E and oil extracted from almonds is used for treating dark circles and excessively dry skin.
• Apricot - helps to refresh the skin and gives a glow and luster to skin.
• Pista - helps to main cellular protection and hydration to skin.
• Vitamin A - helps to protect against sun damage; sources include broccoli, carrots, mango, papaya, spinach, sweet potato, tomatoes and watermelon.
• Vitamin B - helps to maintain healthy skin tone; sources include banana, fish, eggs, meat, poultry, and whole grains.
• Vitamin C - helps to support structure for the skin; sources include orange, lime, lemon, guava, Indian gooseberry, strawberries and green and red peppers.
• Vitamin E - helps to slow down the ageing process; sources include almonds, leafy vegetables, legumes and salmon fish.
• Selenium and Zinc - Oyster is a very good source of both zinc and selenium, other sources include mushrooms, seafood, soybeans, wheat germ and whole grains.

Besides having a healthy meal it is very important to drink lots of water to keep the skin well hydrated and maintain elasticity and regular exercise helps to supply more oxygen to skin cells, reduce wrinkles, crow's feet and bagginess around eyes.

Skin care: tips to reduce black marks

Black marks on the face are dead cells that result due to improper face care or because of pimples.
To fight against pigmentation one can go for simple and effective home remedies.
• Apply cucumber juices that lighten black marks.
• Apply milk cream to skin, leave for 15 minutes and wash with water.
• Apply mixture of lemon juice and honey, let it dry and wash. It acts as a bleaching agent.
• Apply olive oil that will lighten black marks.
• Eating more fresh fruits and vegetables helps to improve skin tone.
• Apply curd mixed with few drops of lemon juice, let it dry and wash with tap water, during night.
• Apply coconut oil before going to bath and then use a paste made of turmeric powder, green gram and few drops of milk, leave for 10 minutes, let it dry and then scrub it in circular motions with finger tips. Wash it with ordinary water. Just do this two times in a week.

Skin care for oily skin:

• Apply a mixture of equal amounts of lemon and cucumber juice and leave for 15 minutes and wash away.
• Apply a mixture of honey and egg white, leave for 10 minutes and wash with cold water.
• Apply mixture of papaya pulp with lemon juice, leave for 20 minutes and wash with cold water.

Personal Grooming Tips for Business Women

A women’s personal appearance need to support her professional accomplishments. Dressing for success includes more than just choosing the right outfit. It includes consideration of little bit of accessories accompanied with personal grooming.
A working women’s attire should reflect her confidence, her reliability and her professional skills to carry out the deal and should give an impressive look to the clients and the customers.
• Avoid wearing perfumes and heavily-scented products in all business settings. Always wear a mild body spray which will give a pleasant feeling to others.

• Women often use their hands to talk with. So, their hands become a focal point. It is important to have their hands and fingernails neatly trimmed cleaned. Avoid wearing unusual and shocking nail colors.

• Also avoid nail arts and nail jewels in business meetings.

• Hair style should be neat and conservative and preferably off the face.

• Hair colors, if any, should not be shocking and unusual.

• Hair sprays and gels with strong scent and colors should be avoided. 

• Face makeup should be simple and appropriate during the day time. Wearing no makeup at all will have the same negative effect as wearing too much makeup.

• Business women should wear appropriate jewelry. Jewelry should not be noisy or too large. Ear rings should be small, simple and above the ear lobe. It’s better to avoid jewelry as far as possible. But all business women should wear a nice, conservative watch, which gives a professional look to the whole personality.
Paying attention to your personal appearance reflects the message to the clients and your colleagues that you will also pay attention to your professional works and assignments.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Galvanic facial

Galvanic facial is the best way to revitalize the skin thus helping the active ingredients of skin products gain deep penetration, which is not attained in manual applications. It also reduces acne by controlling the oil secretion by removing blockage in sebaceous gland thus helping to clean congestion. Galvanic facial helps to improve the normal functions and skin’s blood circulation.
Galvanic facial is based on the basic laws of electricity, “like repels, opposites attract”. The skin as it is pulled together like a magnet pushes the product in to the deeper layers. The capacity of your skin absorption is increased by the galvanic ion and this improves the penetration of nutrition products (anti wrinkle lotion) through your skin, it will be completely cleansed as negative ions force all the dirt and debris held within pores to the surface. At the same time the positive ions gives you a fresh look and plump the skin, banishing wrinkles.

Aroma therapy Facial

Aromatherapy facial treatment skin tr uses pure essential oils from medicinal plants. It enhances general well-being, gives deep relaxation and alleviates aches, pains and tension. The essential oils enter the body through the skin and via the nasal membranes in order to produce many beneficial effects. As a result of this treatment the skin feels refreshed and looks bright and more youthful. Some common skin problems such as oily skin, acne, eczema and dry skin can be helped by aromatherapy facial care. Some of the other benefits of aromatherapy are as follows:

• Relaxes the mind and relieves stress.
• Prevents the harmful effects of tension.
• Relaxes  muscles and painful joints.
• Refreshes both mind and body.
• Best method to promote relaxation for busy individuals.
• Helps to eliminate toxins from the body.
• Keeps skin look fresh and radiant.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Control your body odour

  1.    Add rosemary oil in a small quantity of water you can use this mixture to get rid of body odor. Apply      on underarms and thighs.
  2.      Prepare a mixture of few drops of glycerin and radish juice. It acts as a good home remedy for controlling body odor. Apply this mixture on feet, underarms, neck etc.
  3.     Prepare a mixture of white vinegar and alcohol. This is a natural and safe home remedy for controlling body odor and perspiration.
  4.      Turnip juice is most effective in controlling body odor and perspiration.
  5.      Tomato is the best remedy of controlling bad odor. Add 2 cups of tomato juices in bath tub and enjoy a refreshing bath.
  6.      Take 2 tablespoon of baking powder, 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and apply this mixture on the sweat prone areas. It is very helpful especially in summers for controlling body odor.