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Thursday, September 28, 2017

How to Apply Liquid Eyeliner

 In order to choose the right eyeliner for you, Liquid eyeliner comes in two main types:

 felt tip and a dip-brush.

·         Felt tip liquid eyeliner is very similar to a marker, and has the eyeliner fed through it like a pen.

·         A dip-brush liquid eyeliner is similar to nail polish in that it comes with a small bottle of the eyeliner with a brush that must be dipped in between each application.

Rest your fingers on your face to create a stable base. Then use Liquid eyeliner to draw a smooth line from the inner corner of the eye until the outer end. Extend the winged line beyond the natural eye line, keeping it perpendicular to the eye brow.

Once your basic cat eye makeup is in place, proceed to apply the Liquid eyeliner   along the lower lash line. Extend it outwards and keep it parallel to the cat eye line. By the end of the application, you should have two small flicks for the double-winged liner to look bang on trend.

Use your eyeliner to join the edge of the double-winged liner to the flick of the cat eye. This will create a thicker, curved stroke at the end of the eyes.