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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Make your lips pink and Care your lips

pink lips

1.   Mash the rose flowers leaves and massage on your lips for 5min then leave it for 10 min,then wash with water,it really helps in looking your lips pink.
2.   At night take 1-2 drops of musturd oil and apply in your belly button,do it for at least 1-2    months,your lips will definately become pink as well as soft.

3.    Wipe your lips wet cotton everyday they will get pink sooner.

4.     For uneven lips (shape and color) and dry chapped lips--Lipsticks are threre
There are differnt types of lipsticks available

1.Stick Lipstick- solid and with colour ranging from light to very dark

2. liquid lipsicks-- more permanent film then conventional lipsticks they consist of alcoholic solution and alcohol soluble dyes

3. tranparent lipsticks-it gives light shine and sparkle to the lips

4 lip salves- not used for decoration but for protection against exposure to cold in winter and it is not necessary for these lipsticks to have color. There requirement is simply for flexible, adherent, moisture resistant film on the lips.
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